Finding Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance is Exhausting

Who do you think has the cheapest car insurance?

My family and I recently relocated to a small town in the southern states. We originally lived in a large city and utilized public transportation. We now have been charged with the task of purchasing two new vehicles because public transportation isn’t always an option in small towns. Therefore, we’re getting new cars, yaay! Maybe not yaay, but it should be interesting and exciting all at once. We definitely have to find out who has the cheapest car insurance because we need to insure both cars as soon as possible.

We made the decision to relocate when our last child moved out and started college. We always wanted to move down south, but doing so would disrupt the lives of our children, and we wanted the process to be comfortable for everyone. We are actually closer to her college than we were when we lived up north and that should be nice. I lived in the south for many years when I was younger, but my wife has lived up north all her life. She looks forward to the change. We both took advantage of early retirement and are planning on traveling a little and starting our own web developing company. It’s something we’ve both wanted for many years and are excited to start this journey together.

The transition has been smooth thus far, but we are still trying to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance. Our two cars, along with the car our college student has will all be covered in the policy. The quotes I’ve received have been fair at best but I’m searching for the wow factor. I know it’s out there and if I’m persistent, I will find rates that are affordable. I’m guessing we will be completely settled within the next month, but my kids are worried that they won’t see us as much as they would like. We are sure it will all work out just fine and look forward to the time together. For now, we are getting acquainted with our new home and learning more about the city and we look forward to our friends and family visiting.

UPDATE! Found a great site to compare rates:

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