Ogden Valley Auto Insurance Agent

Looking for an auto insurance agent in Ogden Valley? Or really all of Utah for that matter. Look no further.

I’m a licensed insurance agent in Utah with over 15 years of experience with auto, health, life and business insurance. If you have any insurance question, I’ll have an answer for you.

I can meet in person to answer and questions, talk by phone or even by email. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

Interested in working with me? Contact me Jorn@utappr.com

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Taking Out A Title Loan Is Bad Karma

— We deal with a lot of clients who’ve taken out title loans —

Our intern Jenny, want’s to share her story about title loans:

Did you know that there’s a whole list of reasons on the internet as to what is a bad reason to take out a title loan?

Well, there is. And on that list is literally every reason that could ever lead you to take out a title loan. All of them. What that should have told me is that, basically, all of the title loan companies near me are bad news. And the ones not near me are pretty awful too.

But I really really wanted a new computer. I would say needed a new computer, but I’m trying this new thing where I learn the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ like a sensible adult.

Anyway, I really wanted a new laptop. My previous one had barely made it through printing off my 64-page research paper a page and a half at a time. With breaks in between for it to overheat and shut off. And I feared it was nearing the end of its life.

Being the poor student that I was, I had zero money to spend on a new computer. So the following dilemma ensued: either don’t put myself into more debt and spend my last assignment-free week of university nursing my hangovers with water, sleep and silence. Or I could put my car on the line so that I could spend my last assignment-free week of university nursing my hangovers with water, and a ‘Friends’ marathon. (Yes, I have already seen every episode approximately 342 times, but it just makes me feel better OK?).

No surprises, loan won out. I got my new laptop, and the next day I happily skipped back to my apartment to watch Ross tell Rachel they were on a break for the 343rd time. Only to find. Someone had broken into my apartment and stolen my brand new computer! The one I took out a loan for and didn’t hold any insurance for!

When people tell you title loan companies are the work of the devil. Pay Attention! I highly recommend comparing loan companies near you before you get a loan! Like for example here: http://www.financeflamingo.com/

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What I Look For in Car Insurance – for the layman

There are loads and loads of things to think of when you’re buying car insurance. From full coverage insurance to the bare minimum. What you need depends on your car and how you use it.

I have an old car with a tiny engine that barely runs. And when I buy car insurance, I do it the classy way. I Google ‘very cheap car insurance, no deposit’. And I sit back and wait for the cheapest quote to come rolling in.

Essentially I need my insurance to cover the things that are likely to happen to me on the roads.

Will it cover me if I hit another car?

I mean any insurance will probably cover at least part of the damage caused by a collision. Even if it’s not the damage done to your car. But it’s still important.

Will it cover me if I drive into an inanimate object?

This is surprisingly likely in my case. Walls, lamp posts, trees. You name it, I’ve probably hit it with my car. It’s more important than you’d think that my insurance will help me out with this one.

Will it cover me if my car is vandalized?

I always park in the most unsafe place I can find. Not because I enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes from surviving the walk back to my car, but because those are usually the places that are free. And as we have established. I don’t like spending money, so I need to know that if someone damages my car, I’ll be able to claim.

Will it cover me if my car is stolen?

Another risk when parking in dodgy alleyways is that, not only can your car be damaged, but also stolen. I always check that my insurance will cover me for theft. So I can park wherever the hell I want and not worry that I’ll be completely screwed if my vehicle goes missing.

I always compare as many insurance companies as I can when buying auto insurance for myself, or clients. Since one thing I learned being in this industry for this long is: Who has the cheapest auto insurance is a matter of luck, so compare: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/

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